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I frequently apologize to my father for being a “bad kid”. I’m really not all bad, but he’s a good guy and I often feel like a disappointing fuck-up, thus the apology. This time he says to me, ‘I only see a reflection of my past. There’s still time to change the future.’ Now, my dad was a hard-working person who never really got to do what he really wanted, but at the same time puts off things that he “should” be doing all the time. So, what are you saying to me dad? Am I doomed? For fuck’s sake… that really bummed me out. ‘Change the future’ my ass, that’s hard when you’re depressed and shit.


Right guys, here you go, just a quick giveaway that I’ll end when I get back from Punk Rock Holiday on the 8th/9th of August. Consisting of:

  • 4 ringed/chained bondage belt
  • All New X-Factor issue 2
  • Daken Dark Wolverine issue 22
  • Savage Wolverine issue 7
  • Savage Wolverine issue 10
  • 2 copies of Maximum Rock and Roll zine
  • 2 copies of Brew For Breakfast Zine
  • A copy of TNS Records 10 year anniversary zine
  • Shit load of stickers and some badges
  • Mainstream Music Is Shit (37 tracks of UK Punk and Ska) compilation CD
  • Antipop Compilation CD 2013 (A lot of North West UK Punk/Ska)

It’s only a little’un but I want to give back to my followers a bit for putting up with all my ranting and shitty blog, so usual rules:

Must be following me.
Only reblogs count.
I’ll pick someone at random the day after I get back from Punk Rock Holiday

And I’ll throw in some little bits I pick up there that will be a suprise.

Happy reblogging!

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